20 Ways To Help Reverse Your Summer Holiday Weight Gain

1. Eat Clean, choose foods that are as close to their natural state as possible and avoid anything that’s  highly processed and loaded with preservatives.

2. Green Veggies are KEY and instrumental in your quest for your ideal body shape. Eat plenty with every meal. I also recommend supplementing your diet with a greens powder drink too.

3.  Invest in a pot of organic virgin coconut oil, its available from most supermarkets. It has so many health benefits and is your fat loss friend. It has fewer calories than other fats, satisfies hunger, stimulates  metabolism, in fact it can increase an overweight person’s metabolism by 48% and up to 65% with the obese! It’s also the only fat that doesn’t turn into a bad fat when heated at a high temperature.

4.   Eat a protein rich breakfast. We are a nation of toast and cereal addicts, cereal and toast will make you crave more sugar and starchy carbohydrates throughout the the rest of the day.

5.   Mix up your exercise routine, don’t do the same old work outs every week, it’s amazing how quickly your body adapts. Choose activities that you enjoy, whether it be running, dancing, cycling, going to the gym or exercise classes. Intensity is key. There is no point in walking on the treadmill for ten minutes chatting to your friend next to you and expecting miracles. If you want to maximise fat burning you need to be working up a sweat and feeling breathless.

6.   Cut out potatoes, bread, pasta and white rice. Instead opt for sweet potatoes, brown basmati rice and quinoa.

7.   STOP GRAZING through the day. There is no scientific evidence that says eating 3 meals per day rather than 5 smaller meals will make any difference to your metabolic rate. But remember we are all individuals and some of us will need to eat more often than others.

8.   Cut out Gluten from your diet, you’ll be amazed how flatter your tummy feels.

9.   Drink copious amounts of water. It’s an essential lubricant and cleanser, it keeps your kidneys and other organs functioning and your digestive system can’t function properly without it.

10.  Sleep is a great fat burner. Make sure you go to bed early and get good quality sleep, wake up feeling invigorated and rested. Switch off your phone, stand by on the TV and all electronic items. I recommend a night time tea before bed and taking a decent quality magnesium supplement.

11.  Start the day with warm water with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it, this will help to alkalise your  tummy and aid with digestion.

12. Healthy fats are essential for fat loss and health, these can be found in extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed oils like flaxseed and almond oil, organic grass fed butter, virgin coconut oil, eggs, oily fish and avocados. Steer clear of all vegetable oils and margarines as these oils are polyunsaturated fats which are exceptionally high in omega 6 fat which is a pro-inflammatory fat.

13. Rotate your meals don’t eat the same foods every day.

14. Avoid microwaving your food as it zaps the nutrients and changes the molecule structure.

15. Sugar is the enemy not fat, sugar is highly addictive. Watch out for hidden sugars on food labels.

16. Fruit is the most heavily sprayed crop with pesticides. Pesticides cause the body to become toxic and mess with your thyroid and hormones. Fruit is also natures candy if you eat too much you’ll struggle to lose weight, berries are the best option. Make sure you wash fruit before you eat it and try to choose organic and seasonal if possible.

17. Limit alcohol, every time you drink alcohol your body has to burn off the sugar from the alcohol which puts fat burning on hold! Alcohol also plays havoc with your sleep patterns and raises cortisol the stress hormone.

18. Organic raw apple cider vinegar (make sure it contains mother) has numerous health benefits and helps to break down fat so its not absorbed into the body.  Add 2 tsp of organic raw apple cider vinegar to a glass of filtered water and drink before meals.

19. Omega 3 fats are important for health and fat loss, they turn on fat burning and turn off fat storing genes.  Omega 3 fats are found in fish and grass feed meat, most people are falling short of this essential fatty acid so will benefit from taking a decent quality supplement. Make sure your supplement contains an antioxidant without antioxidant the fish oil can go rancid!  A decent quality omega 3 fish oil supplement will not repeat on you or leave a fishy taste in your mouth.

20. Stop counting calories and focus on the types of food that your are eating. Different foods affect our bodies, hunger and hormones in different ways. Eating 300 calories of chocolate will spike your insulin, stimulate hunger and make you hang on to your fat cells! Eating a 300 calorie meal made up of a protein rich chicken breast, healthy fats and vegetables will raise your metabolic rate, increase lean muscle mass, give your body fibre, essential nutrients and will fill you up!