becca_aboutI am a qualified level 3 personal trainer and nutritionist and have been a health, fitness and weight loss professional for 27 years. I am the owner of BeccaMclachlan Fitness Studios based in Northampton UK and the Health & Fitness columnist for Image magazine. I am passionate about furthering my knowledge and have traveled all over the world to learn from some of the worlds leading experts in the field of health, fitness and weight loss incuding Dax Moy, Dr.Jade Teta, Phil Richards and Charles Poliquin.

The Metabolic Booster programme is my secret guide using all of the knowledge I’ve learnt condensed into a 21 day programme. This will help change your eating habits for LIFE!. Fad diets come and go but this programme is different. It has been tested on both Men and Women of all ages who have achieved staggering and long lasting results .The programme will educate you on how eating the RIGHT delicious and nutritious meals will help you to overcome cravings and boost your metabolism.