"I hope that this testimonial gives someone the inspiration to make the leap and contact you as I did……. I read through every one of your testimonials on your website before I got in touch!! You’ve helped me more than my doctor could, I am so grateful for your experience and passion for what you do. For the last 4 years I’ve been at risk of anaphylaxis as I’ve suffered from allergies to raw fruit and vegetables. It has been a nightmare, and meant that my diet was made up of breads, cereals, pasta, potatoes and rice… ‘safe foods’ so that I didn’t put myself at risk. My weight crept up, and I felt so fed up as I just didn’t know what to eat! I love the programme signing up to the group each month keeps me motivated and on track not only have I lost over a stone and keep it off easily without feeling like I’m on a diet, I feel absolutely amazing! Mornings were always a struggle for me, but now as soon as I wake up, I feel wide awake. I only eat three times a day, without the need to graze. Most importantly for me, shopping for food and preparing meals has never been so simple… I feel so creative in the kitchen! Both Becca and the group have shared so many easy and delicious recipes that I can enjoy, it has been such an inspiration. Also, Becca’s small group sessions at her studio in Brampton are fantastic! I’d never taken part in a group session before and I was quite nervous to go, but after meeting Becca I felt really motivated and supported, and I’ve not missed a week of training yet! You can join the Met Boost programme without training with Becca at Brampton as all the information you need along with home video workouts are on the website. I have a whole new understanding towards nutrition and fitness – I feel so much happier and healthier with this new lifestyle. The results I am getting have been exceptional in such a short space of time… and I hope that long-term, this clean way of eating will help to alleviate my allergies. Becca has not only helped me, she’s changed my life!"

Sarah Liggins

"Over the last 2 years I have struggled to lose weight with having an under active thyroid and have tried many "diets" and had no success. I have always been active and exercised daily and have tried to eat healthy. I had all the ingredients in my cupboard but just needed some guidance and recipe advice. Since starting the programme I have found that just by making some small adjustments to my meals has made a huge difference after the first 21 days I lost 8lbs. I have never slept so well and having early nights is the norm now. My thyroid appears to be so much better, meaning I feel I'm in control of it - no more feeling sluggish and tired. Seeing that at last I can lose some weight has in itself boosted my mood. The experience has been well worth it and I look forward to joining the next group again. Many thanks Becca for all your help and advise"

Caroline Williams

"I signed up to the Metabolic Booster programme, not for weight loss but to improve my health, I was fed up of feeling tired and bloated, and I knew I'd gotten into some bad eating habits, and always craving something sweet.

I am diagnosed with Crohns disease although (thankfully) have not had full blown symptoms for years, I know that there are certain foods that don't do me any favours.

After the first week I started to notice a difference, and I can honestly say that this clean eating thing has had a very positive effect on me. My tummy aches have disappeared, my skin has improved, and my craving for sweet sugary foods has gone. The other thing I've noticed is that I can taste all the flavours of my food so much better now.

I did lose a few pound even though I did the well being option and my partner, Phil, who has supported me (and done most of the cooking) did the weight loss option and has lost 11 pound in weight in 3 weeks!

The support from the Facebook group was amazing, especially in the first week, when it was all so new and strange.

We've decided to continue to incorporate this way of eating into our lives now, it's just so easy when you've got the hang of it, and I don't want to go back to my old ways.

Thanks so much Becca."

Ellie Woodhouse

"After hearing friends success stories and seeing their bodies transform I decide I needed to start training with Becca Mclachlan and also signed up for her 21 day Metabolic Booster Programme. I relocated to Northampton 3 years ago from SW London when I arrived I was trim healthy and had lost my weight after baby no 4. However change of family location and focus on 4 children settling into a new school I found myself gym bored and as for food ... well, I gradually started eating whatever I felt like, certainly at 4pm when the kids were equally starving for sugary snacks. As a result I gained 10kg in weight! Then in May 2014 I contacted Becca and from the first phone call I felt motivated! I immediately started a few small group sessions and loved the whole 'contemporary workout'. Then the next month I started my first 21day Met Boost programme and with Becca and the whole group posting meal ideas, photos and daily anecdotes it was the easiest way back to clean eating ever! The difference for me however is that Becca has educated me on the associated health benefits of properly eating clean - for example I had never even heard of coconut oil and chia seeds and now I wouldn't be without them! In just 2/3 months I am back in my clothes, my shapes changed, the abs are back and the rest of me feels so much leaner than before I started down this healthy road! I am so much less bloated and definitely function better without all the sugar and dairy in my diet which has all but disappeared and I have no cravings! This is no way a 'diet ' but a contemporary healthy way to eat all those gorgeous foods without feeling in any way deprived! Thank you so much Becca for putting be back in the zone!"

Helen Jackson

"Becca has changed my life. It has taken me two months to pluck up the courage to write this testimonial because I didn’t believe such a turn-around could ever happen to me and I was scared it wouldn’t last; I’m over that now!

When I met Becca, I was due to have an posterior and anterior lumbar fusion (major back surgery) and I had not exercised since 1998 due to a condition the medical profession like to call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Basically, when I did any form of physical exercise, I would feel dreadful in the days that followed. Despite being diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2012, I still found that I was reacting to quite a few foods. I ate 12 slices of gluten free bread a day and was using sugar to pick me up in 2-3 hour intervals throughout the day.

Since following Becca’s Metabolic Booster program and starting PT sessions with her at Brampton, I am a completely different person mentally and physically. This is a huge deal, not least of all because I have visited tens of medical professionals nationally who have unsuccessfully tried to fathom what was going on. I now exercise at least three times a week with no adverse reactions and I follow the eating plan with without experiencing any gastric issue whatsoever. Furthermore, Becca has worked on my core strength and I am now pain free and no longer require back surgery. The added bonus is that I am now fitter, trimmer and have bags of energy!


This testimonial doesn’t come close to really expressing my thanks to Becca. Much of what I experience is a change in my self-belief and confidence. All I know is that I am very thankful to the ladies who spoke so highly of Becca at the school gates and encouraged me to “go for it”, and of course to Becca for her patience, vast knowledge and professionalism. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much."

Rachael Woollcott

"I have had problems with my weight since my first baby , the doctors attached my bowel to my womb during my c-section and over the last couple of years I piled on weight from a hormonal unbalance that resulted in a hysterectomy at the age of 28. I've tried every diet you could ever think of they never work. Becca's Metabolic Booster Programme has completely changed my life I'm finely feeling like me. Becca's programme is not a diet it's a new lifestyle I can now stick to. Within 3 month's of following the programme I have dropped a couple of dress sizes and lost 2 stone . I didn't measure myself but I did take before and after pictures which I hope will inspire others to sign up for the programme! Thank you Becca.x"

Gemma Eales

"I was quite unsure about doing this Met Boost to start with….. first off, how was I going to survive without my Nespresso coffee with frothy milk every morning?! Generally I love all the foods I was about to try and steer clear of for the next 21 days, what kind of hell would this be?! I decided to give it a go and have the attitude “it’s only 21 days out of your life”.
Well….. this was so much easier than I ever thought it would be! It took a few days to get my head around the whole concept of clean eating but it is so easy to understand that very quickly I had adapted to this as not a diet but just a new way of eating.
My energy levels increased almost immediately and with the support of the Facebook group I have developed a whole new recipe book of my own (and am still experimenting after the 21 days is over!!).
I wanted to lose a few pounds but didn’t really think it would start to happen so quickly! I lost 9lb in 21 days by eating delicious food and three good meals a day (I never used to eat breakfast!). As Becca says this is most definitely not a diet (Thank Goodness!), but just a new way of eating.
Along with the small group training at Brampton Heath in Becca’s studio (how many other gym’s do you go to where you work out in the sun?!) and this new way of eating I am feeling healthier than I have done in years. Thank you Becca, you were right, once I was in I wasn’t leaving!!!"

Gilly Wrathall

"I joined Becca's Metabolic Booster Programme in May 2014. I was the heaviest I had ever been, bloated and feeling sluggish. I had read the positive testimonials and signed up with some trepidation - wow, how pleased was I. I can honestly say that the whole programme is enjoyable from start to finish. Becca is an expert in her field and knows exactly how to achieve results - she freely shares information and knowledge, encouraging and supporting along the way. Before joining the programme I never thought I ate too much but what I was doing was eating the wrong foods. The programme is educational and a life changer - I now view food completely differently and enjoy my food much more. Thank you to the May 2014 group for all the recipe ideas you shared and Becca you are an inspiration and I sincerely thank you for introducing me to your programme and to eating clean xx"

Sue Jacobs

"I had reached a stage in my life when I didn’t think I could loose any more weight or change the shape of my body. I had tried numerous diets all to no avail. Then Becca announced last spring that she was setting up her online Metabolic Booster Programme. I had nothing to loose but lots to gain. So I joined up. After the second course, I had lost 1 stone and lots of inches. I was absolutely thrilled I have been a member of every group now for over a year and find being part of the group helps keep me focused and on track. The programme has not only made me feel more energetic, more alert and improved my sleeping pattern, but the confidence it gave me has been dramatic. Becca is a true inspiration to us all and her encouragement and motivation is second to none. Thanks Becca for introducing this to us all. My life has certainly improved for the better. Sue Hewitt xx"

Sue Hewitt

"I was recommended to Becca McLachlan’s Metabolic Booster programme by a mutual friend who had seen significant results on the programme. I was at my wits end just before I signed up. I had gradually gained weight from the age of 40 due to my hormones, according to my doctor. I had tried everything to lose the weight that was making me feel and look heavy around the middle; weight loss programmes, boot camps and calorie controlled diets, nothing had worked. I have just finished my first 21 Day Metabolic Booster programme and am amazed to say I have lost 11lbs! The daily support and nutritional guidance Becca gives is what makes this programme unique and the fact that it is not calorie controlled but a healthy way of eating makes this sustainable. I have been re-educated to eat healthily and am determined not to go back to my old ways. Thank you, Becca for giving me back my waistline."

Karen Xavier

"I am so glad I joined the 21 Day Metabolic Booster Programme with Becca Mclachlan after a year I am still feeling great and have kept my weight off.Becca provides nutrition and fitness advice as well as the video workouts via a FB group made it so easy to take part. Added to this the group support and recipe ideas from Becca and my Booster Buddies was invaluable that's why I'd recommend if staying in the group it really helps you keep on track.

The eating plan is easy to follow and allows for individual flexibility. I've never felt comfortable with diets that dictate what to eat on which day of the week. This is a plan to change the way you eat long term not a short fad diet.

Over the year I've seen so many people who have done the programme Programme achieve outstanding results in fat loss as well as other health and wellbeing benefits. In the first 21 days I reclaimed my waistline and felt so much better, I lost 13lbs and 7.5 inches and I also tackled some bad eating patterns and a Diet Coke habit!!
After 5 month's I reached my goal and lost 2 stone and dropped a couple of dress sizes. It's now been a year since I started and have found it easy to keep my weight off with the new way of eating Becca has taught me. I would thoroughly recommend this Programme to anyone who needs a kick start to get back on track with healthier eating and exercise because ... IT WORKS!!"

Annie Wakeling

"Weight loss wasn't my main priority when signing up. I felt awful. Really awful for many years. I ached all over, had inflamed joints and experienced appalling fatigue - like having flu but all the time! I was desperate to feel better and longed to have enough energy to feel like exercising. The first week was horrific. I felt so detached and my head was pounding. My kidneys/adrenal glands were agony. And my knees started to burn!!! Info gleaned from the internet reassured me that this was positive and was, in fact, my body repairing following the abuse of dirty food!! Clean eating was starting to change me. My aches and pains lessened, a healthy glow was transforming my skin and .... wait for it ..... I started to think exercise would be a positive experience rather than finishing me off. I haven't wobbled once as the fear of feeling how I used to feel is the ultimate incentive. I am feeling calmer and far less stressed. I am on the road to recovery and I can't thank Becca Mclachlan enough. Oh .... and a very big btw ..... in 21 days I lost 10lbs, 3" off bust, 4" off waist, 2" off hips and 1" off each thigh. Truly amazing - I'm still a monthly Met Boost member and have now lost over a stone and more importantly kept it off!"

Jo Armstrong

"2 years ago I was enjoying living back in England so much and was indulging in all the lovely treats and desserts that I couldn't get during my 7 year stint in Hungary, consequently I was at my heaviest, 83 kg. In January 2013 I began training once a week with Becca, pretty much religiously every week, and I dropped a few pounds. Then in May 2013 I joined Becca's Met Boost programme, I lost around 4kgs and managed to keep it off. The booster plan made me realise how much junk I was eating and I cut down on it. If I fancied a chocolate bar I'd think about whether I really wanted it or not and usually I didn't. Then in august 2013 I joined Becca's programme again and lost another 4kg. As well as continuing with my training at Becca's studio at Brampton Heath I regularly join her Met Boost groups just to keep me on track and stay motivated. The met booster group has taught me so much.... I even cook more! My body shape has completely changed and my friends say that my skin looks good too.
In January 2014 I upped my training with Becca to twice a week and that combined with following the programme has also helped me get down to 75kg so I've now lost 8kg in total and I have more energy, my shape has changed and I feel great. Becca has been a true inspiration to me and I just wanted to say thanks as I feel so healthy and I love being able to fit into the same size clothes as 15 years ago!"

Tracey Onley

"With 2 small children I had been finding it impossible to loose weight, exercise or even have some me time. My weight was yo-yoing and everytime I lost weight I seemed to put that and more back on again. With my 10th wedding anniversary and 40th birthday approaching I had that moment when you get completely into the right mindset and have to do something about it. Fortunately for me I discovered Becca at the same time. From the first phone call she was supportive, non-judgemental, professional and immensely motivational. I've been part of Beccas met boost programme and small group training sessions since November and after 4 month's have lost 2 stone, 25 inches and 2 dress sizes but it isn't just about the weight loss it's the lifestyle too. Permanent changes I've made during this programme have impacted the family and my children. We are all a lot more active, healthier and setting good food practices for my two boys. If anyone is wanting to make changes to their health, lifestyle or fitness I can wholeheartedly recommend Becca. She isn't just a personal trainer but a very motivational and knowledgeable partner. I am indebted to her."

Tracey Mckenzie

"I joined Becca's Metabolic Booster group in May 2012 after 21 day's I'd lost 10lb and my shape had started to change. I carried on following Becca's advice and within 6 month's I lost 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes. My shape has completely changed, my skins clear and I have loads more energy. It's now been 11 month's since I started and I have keep the weight off and love clean eating. The programme is so easy to follow and Becca has shown me how easy it is to make clean tasty meals and make the right food choices. This is definitely not a diet it's a lifestyle, I feel great and love the way it makes me feel."

(Amiee) Emma Pritchard

"I started training with Becca at her studio in Brampton in January 2014 and also signed up for her 21 day online Metabolic Booster Programme. I began with her starting back to fitness sessions and within a month progressed to her other small groups which I really enjoy. I lost over half a stone within the first month and all my clothes feel so much better and looser. My husband also follows Becca's programme with me and in 7 weeks he has gone from 16st 2 to 14st 5. We are both over the moon with our results and Becca has taught us a new way of eating that we love and is easy to maintain."

Melanie King

"Huge thank you Becca Mclachlan for getting my diet and eating habits in place for the forthcoming racing season. Becca really knows her stuff I highly recommend her Metabolic Booster Programme if you're looking to lose"

Maria Costello MBE

"Thank you Becca for all your help and inspiration you've changed my life, after following your programme for 4 month's I've now lost nearly 3 stone! Also I had to have fertility treatment for both of my children, before starting the programme I hadn't had a menstrual cycle for 17 years, after just one month on your programme I have returned to having a regular menstrual cycle. This is not a diet this is a new way of life it's easy to stick to and I'm loving it!"

Natasha Marsh

"I've lost a stone and dropped a dress size in seven weeks so I'm so pleased I took the plunge and signed up for the Metabolic Booster Programme and I actually had my son and daughter call me skinny minny! Kids never normally comment as they see you all the time. Following all the advise Becca gave me during the programme I'm continueing to eat clean and this is definitely a lifestyle change I can maintain, it's been easy to do and yet I can still enjoy a social life. Thank you Becca you have made the start of 2014 amazing! : ) xx"

Deborah Griffith

"I started the Metabolic booster programme back in August 2013. I thought I had a good diet, and that I was quite fit as I was going to gym 2- 3 times a week but always had trouble losing weight, in the first 21 day's I lost 8lbs. I've been part of the group every month since August and the more programmes I did, the easier it became and the weight has fallen off. I have enjoyed being part of the group, and the recipes are great.
I am now slimmer than I've ever been, and have dropped 3 dress sizes. The diet has helped my fitness and I have now completed a 10k run without being out of breath - something I'd never thought I'd do! In total I have lost 2 1/2 stone and feel so much better for it!

Thank you so much Becca, for everything, and to everyone in the groups for all the great recipe ideas."

Karen Lower

"Becca’s metabolic booster programme has completely changed the way I look at food! It’s not a diet I feel I have changed my eating habits for life. I originally did this to lose weight and although that is still my goal I can’t believe how non lethargic I feel! I’ve not been/felt bloated since I have started and I have much more energy. In 7 days I’ve lost 21LBS which I can’t quite believe myself and I was naughty last week and did no exercide.im back in the gym this week and looking forward to the next programme. Loved being part of the group for the support and sharing lots of recipes ideas."

Jessica Miller

"I contacted Becca in April 2012 as I was not happy with my weight, feeling sluggish and wobbly! I was a size 12 with weight particularly on my thighs, bum and hips. I have been attending Becca's small group sessions since then and have steadily lost weight but the most noticeable difference was after I had finished the first 21 day metabolic boost program. I am now a size 10, my body shape has changed, I feel lean and toned and confident. In fact, I am the healthiest and fittest I've been in years thanks to Becca's guidance, help and support. I love my exercise regime and don't like to miss it and have also taken up running, something I used to hate! The biggest change has been my approach to my diet thanks to Becca's program. I now enjoy eating 'clean' and if I do have something naughty to eat or drink it doesn't matter as I see it as a treat and not the norm. A massive THANK YOU to Becca for my new outlook on keeping fit and healthy."

Michelle Dryburgh

"I have been training with Becca since January 2013 taking part in her small group sessions at her studio and following her online Metabolic Booster Programme, I have now lost 3 stone. I was always worried about travelling abroad with work and how I would be able to eat clean, but Becca has taught me to do this. Becca also provides exercise videos as part of the metabolic booster programme so I was able to do these in my hotel room too. I am now converted for life to clean eating."

Louise Gouldstone

"In May 2012 I took part in Becca's 21 Day Metabolic Booster Programme and trained with her at her studio at Brampton Heath. Becca put together the programme and gives 100% of herself in support and information. I hadn't realized though that being part of a group and to be able to keep in contact with other people taking part in the Met Boost programme via Facebook for encouragement and support was going to be so helpful. My aim was to reach 8 stone or just under and I succeeded! I lost 5 lbs and 8.5 inches overall. The other benefits I didn't anticipate were having better skin (from drinking lots of water!), far more energy and sleeping better. It's now November I have kept my weight off and toned up even more by continuing training with Becca. Becca has given me all the tools I need to live a healthier life."

Lucy Burbidge

"I have known Becca for well over 20 years and my weight has been up and down constantly. I have always exercised and been fit but my weight would go up on holidays and I have a huge wardrobe of varying sizes. I started on the programme after a week in Scotland in June 2013 where we ate and drank to excess. I lost 11.5lb in the first 21 days and have continued on the programme since and have now dropped 20 lb. I feel fabulous and all my clothes fit ( the ones I used to squeeze into! ), or are too loose! I can usually look presentable in a smart suit but with this weight loss it all feels great.
I do not experience the huge swings in my weight now and have only gained one or two pounds during my summer holidays which are gone within days of returning home.
The group is so interesting to be part of I tend to " observe " rather than comment but the enthusiasm is motivating. I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight or feels demotivated. It works and is definitely not "a diet".
The only thing you have to do is be prepared and as with everything you want to do properly it's not such a big task!"

Mary Abbott

"I have been following Becca's Metabolic Booster Programme now since the summer and am thrilled with my results. Becca has given me 100% support and information. Being part of a group and being able to keep in contact with other people taking part through Facebook for encouragement was really helpful. I have now lost 24lbs and 12.5 inches since starting the programme. The other benefits I didn't anticipate were having better skin, far more energy and sleeping well."

Helen Andrews

"Thank you, Becca for returning me to a healthier lifestyle. I completed the first metabolic booster program in July and lost 11LB and 6 inches. I maintained this weight loss but wanted to lose a few more pounds and body fat. So enrolled in the program again in September and to my amazement lost another 5LBs and 3inches. My body fat has receded from 30% to 25% and I haven’t received so many compliments since I was 30 something. I will continue to eat and exercise from now on the way that Becca has shown me. I have never achieved and maintained such great results before. This metabolic booster program and the education and guidance ordered by Becca is guaranteed way to a healthier happier lifestyle"

Michele Savage(De' Arth)

"Just wanted to say how fantastic Becca’s Metabolic Booster programme has been for me, it's totally changed the way I think and behave with food and drinks. The change in my skin and how I feel is phenomenal! This is the most effective programme I have ever experienced. I have lost 2 1/2 and moved 3 jeans sizes, nearly 4! So many people have commented, I feel so much better about myself and am motivated to challenge myself. Not only that I have met some lovely people along the way. I still need the discipline of the group as the group gives me the motivation to stick with it. Now I want to step up the exercise and get fitter as well. Thank you Becca, without you I'd never have done this! "

Claire Hodgeson

"Yesterday I have finished Becca Mclachlan's 21 days metabolic booster and all I can think of is how unfair it is that I must wear clothes when I should be messing around on a beach, showing off my trim body
This is the mother of all 'get healthy and look amazing QUICK' programmes. If you've ever been on a diet, or counted points, this is not what it's about. It's about completely changing the way you see food and understanding what your body REALLY needs.
I will leave out the ins and outs of the programme (that's Becca's forte), but I will say that clean eating is only hard work for the first few days. As someone who used to survive mainly on junk, giving up some of those things you normally eat without thinking did cause me headaches and tiredness. As soon as my body started getting used to this...well, it was like wearing glasses for the first time Nothing felt the same.
The best thing about the programme? It is an on-line group, which means you have a virtual group of friends who all want to achieve the same thing, who are honest about how they are doing, who will share recipes with you, and give you feedback. And you have Becca's continual support, ideas, explanations and bite-sized exercise routines, so there is no excuse not to succeed.
I didn't join the programme to lose weight, but because I wanted to see what it can do for my skin, my cellulite and my wellbeing. And what have I gained? A lot. Mainly amazingly smooth, cellulite-free thighs, that no creams have yet managed to give me, and a renewed love for real, healthy food. Oh, I've also lost something: 6 inches in circumference off each thigh. Which brings me back to my desire to walk around the office in a bikini "

Lu Morris Warren

"I started Becca's metabolic booster plan in June, having decided that with a significant birthday approaching I needed to shift some excess weight and get fit. She supported the group brilliantly through the 3 week program, and at the end of it I had lost 4kg (9lbs) and 11 inches. Since then I have continued to "eat clean" and have now slimmed down by 2 dress sizes and a total of 12kg (26lbs). I feel healthier, look better, have clearer skin and less PMT! This is now just a way of life for me with which I will continue, and I can now face up to that scary birthday in a bikini on a beach and feel great about myself. Thank you Becca x "

Lisa Roan

"After my summer holidays last year I decided I needed to lose some weight. I regularly attended Becca's studio at Brampton Heath Golf Centre and began to feel fitter and healthier than I had in a long while. The holiday weight fell away but I then decided to try and lose some extra weight that I had gained over the years since having my children. Becca's Metabolic Booster Programme was just the motivation I needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme discovered new healthy recipes that were full of flavours and my husband also enjoyed the new dishes added to our evening meals. I looked forward to going out on Saturday nights for a few drinks and to catch up with friends and the positive feedback was rewarding. After 21 days following Becca's programme I lost an extra 7 pounds and 7 inches of body fat on top of the weight I had already lost since regularly training with Becca. I have now lost a total of 22 pounds and feel healthier and happier with myself than I have in a long time. I have been able to maintain this weight loss since finishing the programme 10 weeks ago because of the new healthy eating tips I have learned. I am back into a size 12 jeans and only have another 7 pound to go to reach my pre baby weight of 23 years ago. I am looking forward to the summer and being able to wear comfortable fitting clothes.

Becca has given me the inspiration and motivation to look after myself better and a direction in which to maintain my health as I grow older."

Viv Mcmanus

"I have lost two and a half stone slowly, training with Becca has changed everything I have undergone a complete lifestyle change. I feel like I have more energy, I feel alive. I perform better at work and with my family. Becca has been amazing she is incredibly disciplined, even though I have exercised all my life she has taught me the right way to exercise and how to eat clean for fat loss. Not only have I now got rid of my body fat I have a different shape and style."

Carlo Cardinale

"Becca has truly transformed my attitude to exercise, particularly training indoors. I couldn't bear the thought of going to a gym but attending Becca's classes and PT sessions which are tailored to meet individual needs has given me an approach to fitness which is sustainable. I was the most faddy of exercisers for years, I had tried every new thing going which I would normally stick to for a month at most. I have trained regularly with Becca for more than a year now and know its a style that suits me and something I will keep up long term because it has become a lifestyle. I have a totally different mind set with regard overall health and wellbeing and if I do have the odd slip I know it's for a couple of days, rather than months like it used to be. Becca is always there to motivate, encourage and support - thank you!"

Kerry Kane

"I had been losing weight steadily for a couple of years but then fell back into to my old ways and started to put it back on. In desperation I looked for motivation and urgent help and thankfully found it in Becca. Not only has she helped me to get fit and lose weight following her healthy eating plan I actually enjoy exercise now ! Her personal care has transformed my attitude and appearance so that I can make the right choices and stay on track. Thank you Becca."

Lesley Lawerence

"A MASSIVE THANK YOU Becca for your exercise, and weight loss programme. Training with you and following your advice really has changed my life and body. Finally lost the weight and inches that I have been trying to lose for the last 17 years! 10lb's and 10 inches in 10 weeks!!!"

Fiona Frost

"Since starting to train with Becca my fitness and motivation has increased greatly leading me to have more confidence and a more positive outlook in life."

Lynda Hough

"Becca's infectious personality and the quality of her classes and personal training sessions has kept me motivated for over 20 years. She always keeps me up to date with the fitness industries best practice, from exercise right through to nutrition and well being. After one of Becca's sessions I always feel great."

Michelle Waring

"Becca's knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to personal training are inspiring. Because she knows me and what my body can do, I trust her to push me only as far as I can manage, yet far enough to get real, sustainable results. Training with Becca is, in my opinion, the best investment I could make in myself."

Jo Blackwell

"Becca has definitely changed the face of training for us. Our sessions always pass quickly with maximum impact in a relaxed, friendly and stylish environment. Whether it's one on one or Becca's Small Group sessions or Personal Training sessions we thoroughly look forward to our workouts. They are always varied and enjoyable, Becca is an outstanding trainer."

Gary Mcmanus

"My wife and I have been training with Becca for a number of year's. We love her new Fitness Studio at Brampton Heath it's bright, airy, very welcoming and provides exactly the right type of personal training for us. We also both attend some of Becca's small group training sessions which are great fun. We are very happy with the results that Becca has helped us to achieve and can foresee a time when there could be a series of Becca McLachlan Fitness Studios across the East Midlands, and perhaps one day, the U.K."

Jonnie and Migs Howards

"Becca is a one woman steam train! And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

She has literally taken me from being a couch potato with no motivation or interest in exercise, to a fitness fanatic and a keen runner training for a second half marathon. She is an amazing Personal Trainer and her small group sessions and boot camps are such a great way to keep motivated and have fun at the same time. I can honestly say that without Becca's motivation, knowledge and encouragement I would not have achieved what I have with my running and general fitness levels."

Charlotte Freestone

"I have been personal training with Becca now for nearly two years and it is has been so worthwhile. For the first time in years I feel fit which in turn does wonders for your mental state. I have experienced other PT's before but Becca makes the sessions enjoyable and varied whilst also ensuring results.

In fact i have since used Becca for my company Football CV Academy, for strength and conditioning sessions for young footballers. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Becca McLachlan to anyone who is serious about improving their life!"

Graham Starmer

"I started training with Becca about 18 months ago and have since lost 2 stone in weight, reduced my bodyfat from 41.8% to 29.7% and my size from a lumpy 18 down to a shapely 14.

With Becca's help and encouragement I started running and have entered and completed 3, 10K Runs. She has also introduced me to fun group exercise sessions.

On Becca's advice I vastly reduced processed food from my diet and increased natural foods, fruit and vegetables, and take essential supplements tailored to my individual needs.
My weight and size have stabilised and I feel fitter and healthier than I did 20 years ago, my skin is amazing, and friends and family always comment on my healthy glow.

Becca always makes our sessions fun and challenging, her expertise and motivational skills are exceptional, as is her commitment to my (and all her clients) wellbeing.

Thank You Becca McLachlan for transforming my life!"

Julie Howes

If you are looking for a diet then this isn’t the right programme for you. However, if you’re looking for a lifestyle change then join us now and take the first step to a new, healthier and happier you!