Tips For A Good Nights Sleep

Before you go to bed dim the lights or use candles to prevent the artificial elevation of cortisol, which prevents the release of melatonin, vital for a good nights sleep.

Don’t watch anything on TV that is going to make you sad or angry, so stay away from watching the late night news as this is nearly always doom and gloom. Instead opt for reading fiction.

Switch off your computer an hour before you go to bed to give your brain time to unwind.

Sleep in complete darkness as any light acting on the skin activates our body’s “wake up” hormones. If that means getting black out curtains so be it.

Aim to be in bed by 10:00pm and be asleep by 10:30pm to maximise the natural peak in your body’s recovery hormones.

Only use your bedroom for sleep , so no TV.
Remove all electrical items from your bedroom as they produce electromagnetic fields that interfere with the body’s hormones.

Drink a night time tea I recommend either DR Stuarts, Yogi Bedtime, Tulsi or Chamomile Tea. These will help you to relax and naturally bring your cortisol levels down. Also taking a decent quality magnesium supplement will make huge difference to the quality of your sleep if you wake regularly in the night or have trouble getting off to sleep let I highly recommend magnesium relax which is a top quality supplement which I stock at the studio.

Exercise. People who exercise generally sleep better than those that live a sedentary lifestyle. However, be mindful of the time you exercise and the type of exercise you do, as some forms are more stimulating than others.

Drink plenty of water and stay away from caffeine. Dehydration is a stress for the body so if you become dehydrate while sleeping the body will go into panic mode and release cortisol.

Before you go to sleep try practicing box breathing start by breathing in through your nose for 2 secs, hold for 2 secs, breath out through your mouth for 2 secs, hold for 2 secs, repeat again for a 3 sec cycle then a 4 sec cycle. Focus on taking each breath down to your belly.

By consistently practicing these tips you’ll massively improve your bodies stress levels and improve your health and ability to lose body fat.